What exactly does this mean? You see it on the side of trucks all the time, but the contractor could mean he is licensed and insured to drive that vehicle and he wouldn't be lying. Have you ever gone to the trouble to look up the contractor's license to see if it is valid or expired or even suspended? If you want to check on a contractor's license here is the link that will bring you to the state's website so you can make sure you are dealing with someone who is actually licensed. Mass. Dept. of Public Safety License Look-Up As far as the insurance, ask the contractor for a Certificate of Insurance but make sure it is sent to you directly from the Carrier and not a copy from the contractor. Also, you need to be named on the policy as the insured,otherwise you may not be covered if anything does go wrong.
Licensed and Insured
Cost vs Value
When you decide to remodel it is always nice to know the what the return on your dollar may be. Are you investing too much into a project that may not ever show a return. Some people remodel because they like where they live but just would like to improve their situation so the concern on investment may not be a priority. Regardless of your situation, if you would like to know the going prices of various projects in our area click here and take a look, it may surprise you.
Helpful Check Lists
There are so many things to think about when you decide to remodel it is always a good idea to have a checklist so you don't forget anything. It is very easy to think about the big items but the cost is really in the final details, the little details can add up very quickly.  Also, when you receive different estimates from different contractors it is a good way to make sure the estimate is covering everything you want done. Every single phase should be in writing explaining what is being done, what products are being used and what is covered. Don't leave anything up to chance, doing your homework could save you thousands of dollars and avoid a lot of headaches.
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