You like where you live but there is something missing. That over the top kitchen or maybe an extra bedroom, perhaps a cozy family room or a comfortable deck and even a 2nd bathroom.

Whatever it is, TRAM Construction can help you realize your dreams. From planning to finish we will work with you so you can actually see what you have envisioned for so long. With design in mind and a budget in place we will assist you in bringing your dreams to reality.
Thinking Of A Change
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New Look Dining Room
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There is so much information needed when you decide to remodel. How to choose a contractor, what permits will I need, what products to use, where to buy those products, what type of payment system should I expect and so many other questions. These are all genuine concerns, so on our website we are including this information and more in order for you to make an informative decision. Please take a look around and if there is something you need to know but can't find it simply contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions.
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TRAM Construction
Paul Piotrowicz, Owner
Remodeling Specialists of New England