Trust In Your Contractor:
You need to feel comfortable knowing that the people you hire to do work in your home or place of business will always have your best intentions covered. Trust is the first key element for any construction project to succeed followed with reliability and workmanship. We are not there just to start a job, but to finish it. Attention to detail separates our company from the rest.
We do not believe in running multiple jobs at the same time. Once we begin your project, we will stay on your project until the job is completed and you are satisfied. So many projects break down because the contractor is trying to juggle scheduling, purchasing and a multitude of other tasks while worrying about a promised deadline for another client. Also, there are so many unqualified contractors who just cannot handle difficult projects or problems. They don't have the knowledge or the talent to figure out the best solution, so either they avoid it or cover it up. This is the industry of "horror stories" where a project is started, large payments are made and the contractor starts showing up less and less. Phone calls are not returned, problems start to arise, excuses are flying all over the place. This just will not happen with us. You can count on us being there everyday making forward progress and you will see results.
Your Project Will Be Our Priority:
No need to worry about "When are they coming back" We are there for the duration of your project so we are not off chasing the next job or a new down payment. We feel a project cannot succeed when the contractor is distracted or riding around between jobs. This is why we dedicate ourselves to you and you alone. The reason we are so successful is our commitment to our customers and their project. Think about it, if your contractor is running multiple jobs, how much of their attention is on you. This is one of the weak points in the construction industry and it never shows up in the "Low Ball" estimate you received. This is one of the main reasons projects fail at the end. So many contractors cannot meet deadlines because they are making promises they cannot keep. You may have had the lowest bid met but you end up paying for it in the end. Customers are putting pressure on the contractor to finish and the contractor is out on the job that is giving them the biggest check. You are no longer a priority. TRAM Construction makes the promise to "finish the job before we move on".
The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil:
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TRAM Construction has been involved in every type of construction over the course of 30 years. Some of our projects have included work in Beacon Hill, South End, Back Bay, Charlestown, Downtown Boston, South Boston (including work at the Fort on Castle Island), Dorchester, Roxbury, Hyde Park, Jamaica Plain, Cambridge and every single city surrounding Boston, Martha's Vineyard, New Hampshire, Connecticut and New York. We have developed ourselves so that we can provide a one stop service to you. We will handle your project from start to finish giving you much more control over the project. The work flow will stay closer to a predefined schedule with less chance of a slip-up or loss of work days. You won't have to be on the phone calling five different sub-contractors trying to line them up. Let us be in charge so you can be in control.
Experience and Knowledge:
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